February 2, 2011

No thanks Dean Koontz

I have more proof that I am a complete wimp...and my mom was possibly a sociopath. I attempted to read the Dean Koontz book "Whispers". By attempted I mean I read the first chapter. I am not keen on books that involve single women, alone at home, knife weilding men popping out of front hall closets, chases around a house, threats of rape and anything else that was in that chapter. While it ended with the woman threatening the man with a gun and him leaving...I'm not sold. It's pretty clear he will be back...and he will be crazier and better prepared!

About a gazillion people have read these books...how? I can't do it. I guess my fear is a testament to Dean Koontz ability to pull a reader into his novels with descriptive and compelling text. Do I get too emotionally involved in the books I read, perhaps. This is one situation where I wish I could ask my mom how she could read this stuff without being psychologically scared. Although, maybe she was?!

So, you can take your Dean Koontz books and keep them on the shelf...they are not for me. Too many nightmares and sleepless nights in my future if I read those. Crazily enough my mom owns about 10 different Koontz books! Seriously?!

I need a mental break...bring on the Sidney Sheldon...what will he bring to the table?