March 8, 2010

My Twilight Saga

Well, like any good daughter…I didn’t listen to my mom for long. After two months of Sue Grafton, I decided to change things up a little.

Over the last two years, it has been impossible not to hear about the Stephanie Meyer novels, Twilight and New Moon. The craze over these books reminded me of when Harry Potter came out. I picked up the Potter books and could not put them down! I even convinced Andrew, my husband, to pick up the last couple of books! So, why wouldn’t I like the newest “teenie bopper” craze?

I know I am supposed to be reading my mom’s books. But, I was curious to see how Meyer would portray life as a teenager. The reality is that I was pretty good at being a bad teenager. Who can forget the “Rebellion of 1988-1990” – also known as my teenage years. My parents and I, specifically my mom and I, had too many arguments over curfews, washing dishes, clothing and boyfriends. I think I could argue about absolutely anything…even the colour of the sky! Those years passed by in a hormonal blur. I’m shocked we survived. My sister, who is older than me, did a great job of distracting my parents with her own battles. But, in true motherly fashion – my mom would foil almost every plan I had. How did she know I had skipped class, not slept over at my girlfriend’s house and been hanging out with that boy again? To be honest these are a few skills I was really hoping she would pass on to me. I mean I have two daughters. I am dreading the great “rebellion of 2020-2025”.

A few months before my mom passed away we were sitting chatting and she asked for the truth. What schemes didn’t she uncover? My lips were sealed. I didn’t want to expose every minor detail. I simply assured her that she had not figured everything out…that’s what being a teenager is all about. So, when I decided to deviate from my mom’s bookcases, I knew she’d understand. I’m sure my mom would want me to explore all literature...even vampire love stories.

I’ll preface this by saying I can totally understand why people love these books. They are easy to read…very escapist. Here comes the controversy. I did not overly love reading Twilight. It was filled with A LOT of longing, gazing, thinking, conflicting emotions, etc. Bella and Edward make an intriguing couple. I wasn’t certain I could handle any more of this teen romance gone awry storyline. Then I saw the movie. I realized then and there the only way to get through these books would be to look at them as “B” movies…or “B” books.

So, here comes New Moon. Yes, I even made it through New Moon. The introduction of Jacob was interesting…but didn’t really help the novels for me. To be honest Bella’s a little too passive. I guess I like a stronger female character. So, while I enjoyed the first two books…I couldn’t face Eclipse. I put it on hold at the library. I even picked it up. I read the first couple of chapters and realized that I was ready to move on. I guess I’m all grown up…or perhaps I just wanted to get back to my read-a-thon.

My mom’s books can’t all be the “greatest literature of all time”. Some must be “B” books??


  1. They may not be works of literature, but they all reflect the genre that totally intrigued your mom, my good friend Gail. Did you know her 'dream' was to open her own Mystery Book Store? She discussed the decor and 'ambience' she wanted. A must were wing back chairs for quiet reading, refreshments and ONLY mysteries of course. Whoever won the "million" first would provide the funds. What fun that would have been.
    Keep reading Jen. You've a long way to go but the ride will be worth it.

  2. Jennifer
    You make this journey more interesting with each entry..I marvel at your great writing expertise as well as your reading..I read a lot of blogs and yours will keep me coming back..Carry on with pride in knowing what an wonderful tribute this is to your Mom.. Mairi...what a great idea that would have been...I could easily see Gail owning a mystery book store...what great memories and thanks for sharing one of her dreams with us.