January 7, 2011

Canada Reads What?

Well, this is something my mother and I have talked about for years. Every year when the list for "Canada Reads" is released we would say this will be the year we read all the books. Well, this will finally be the year!

If you don't know, Canada Reads is a competition of sorts, run by the CBC. The public nominates their choice for essential Canadian novel, from the last decade. The list is narrowed to the top 5 titles. Then these titles are championed and defended in an on air debate, by 5 different celebrities. The on air debates are held over three days - each day eliminating one novel. In the end the process with the crown one book as being the "essential novel" for all Canadians to read for 2011.

Here are the finalists and their celebrity supporters.

"Best Laid Plans" author Terry Fallis - Defended by Ali Velshi

"The Birth House" author Amy McKay - Defended by Debbie Travis

"The Bone Cage" author Angie Abdou - Defended by Georges Laraque

"Essex County" author Jeff Lemire - Defended by Sara Quin

"Unless" author Carol Shields - Defended by Lorne Cardinal

So, those are the nominees. I am already ahead of the game...I have read two of these novels "Best Laid Plans" and "Unless". Actually, my mom read "Unless" as well! The next step is getting my hands on the other three novels...first stop Toronto Public Library! I have to get moving because the debates air on February 7, 8 and 9th. Are you reading, or have you read, any of these books?

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