January 5, 2011

Time for a recap

A new year. Time to reflect. Time to reassess. Time to plan.

It has been almost one entire year since I started writing this blog. When I look at my original goal of reading my mom’s books, I think I did an admirable job. I have read over 20 books. Not just any old books mind you, books that someone else chose and someone else loved. I’ve enjoyed some...and despised others.

Have I learned anything? Good question. I’ve learned that my mom really did love a "good" mystery novel. I am beginning to understand how these books were not just things she read...they influenced her identity.

Do I want to keep reading? Yes! I have seriously only scratched the surface. I read three books over the holidays and there are others I have read and haven’t even written about yet. Not to mention Andrew, my husband, has found himself drawing from our basement library..and might be willing to share his observations.

What have I learned about myself? Well, I scare pretty easily...I already knew that one. Some of these books are seriously terrifying! I’ve also learned that this has been an amazing way to grieve the loss of my mom. Sometimes I just sit and hold the books and wish she was sitting there with me. Many times I go to her bookcases and skim the titles with tears in my eyes. I’m not afraid to cry...I never have been. I have always found it so healing. I used to cry in my car...you know after a particularly tough day at work or a particularly ugly argument with someone. My new spot for emotion is the basement. Why not? We all need our own spot to escape and release. I think these books are helping me along my way.

As for planning, what is to come in the new year? There are a few different ideas floating around in my mind. My mom and I always said we wanted to read all the Canada Reads books...we never did...maybe this year. I’m also considering my own writing...what can I do with this new found passion? I’m also interested in having some input from others this year...not just my little voice chatting away.

Whatever this year holds, I am looking forward to it...and I hope you will read along.


  1. thanks for sending me the e-mail and link to your blog...once again! I read a couple of books over the holidays also. One in particular...Lullabyes for Little Criminals....was excellent but seriously disturbing and responsible for more than one night of insomnia! My British "stiff upper lip" envies your "easy tears!" I have now bookmarked your blog and plan to follow along as I am always up for a good read.


  2. I love your blog and am very happy you've decided to keep it up. I read 2 good books over the holidays - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl who Played with Fire and I'm just going to start the 3rd in the series. Can't wait to read your next installment.
    YFA Pat